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Breaking Open the Blog

Welcome! It is my great joy and passion to take pictures and create beautiful images. I see this blog as an opportunity to exhibit current work and provide a more diverse record of images than you may find on my main site. You’ll find here the personal side of Matthias. But I also hope to do a little more with this. I would like to provide an educational opportunity and resource for couples and others interested in learning more about wedding photography, current styles and trends, and information on how to find the photographer that best matches your needs. In this vein I want to offer couples with tips on how to do their part to maximize their opportunity to get great pictures at their wedding. As I meet with couples to talk through their wedding day people are constantly asking me insightful questions. Here I have the opportunity to compile and fine-tune the answers, so that you can be equipped by the curiosity of others. Finally I see this as an opportunity to direct you to other photographers, vendors, and other websites to help you understand, appreciate, and make the most of wedding photography. Happy reading, thanks for joining in the journey.

Hey, I thought your blog was really creative and the ideas for helping couples unique. Of course the fish and butterflies are super. Keep up the good work!

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