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Social Media Relationships: Matt Singley & Alcatraz

A few weeks ago I had the chance to work with Matt Singley to do a family documentary session for his daytrip with his kids to Alcatraz. He solicited photographers on his blog and ultimately chose me to do the shoot. Matt is something of a social media guru, whose blog and twitter feed are followed by thousands. If you are wondering what social media is check out this useful wikipedia article. Ultimately Matt helps businesses utilize the relational aspect of the web to promote their values and develop relationships with clients and potential clients. Twitter, myspace, and individual blogs become a free forum for people and their companies to interact with real people. Matt wrote an excellent synopsis of the potential of social media to develop into real life symbiotic relationships on his blog using our photoshoot as an example.  I saw the project as a sort of concept album, taking a family event and documenting it. I love kids and love taking pictures. This combo allowed me the chance to celebrate his family and their relationships. Great afternoon. Thanks guys!  



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