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I heard this week that I have been asked to join Photographik, a self-described “elite photographers network.”  Unlike most associations, who are happy to let you join if you’re willing to pay their fees, Photographik actually hand picks the photographers. The staff thoroughly reviews each photographer’s website and portfolio before asking them to join. They say, “Membership is exclusive and granted only to those photographers who demonstrate excellence in the fields of wedding and portrait photography.”  Currently the San Francisco Bay Area chapter of the site has selected only 16 members. The only other similar association I would currently consider joining is the WPJA which according to my count has  108 photographers listed in Northern California. I’m grateful for this opportunity to network, and be seen alongside other experienced photographers whose packages often start at 3x mine. I only wish Photographik held image contests, but I’m going to what I can do to remedy that.

Hey Matthias! That’s something cool to be thankful for. Congratulations! And keep up the great work.
Love you

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