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Steve & Theresa

This week has been busy with engagement sessions, all of which have been completely unique, and fun in their own ways. Because of her love for the city and shopping, Theresa wanted to shoot downtown around Powell Street. We were able to get quite a few great shots, incorporating Macy’s Union, Square, the Cable Cars, and Muni. Here of course, are a couple of my favorites. I love the stop motion on this first one, taken with me in the middle of the street and my camera on my photobag with the shutter open for a 1/4 of a second.

I go back and forth, not sure if I like these last two down in the Powell Street Muni Station or not, so here they are for you to decide.

Ultimately I think they don’t reveal much about the relationship, which is the very point of an engagement shoot. But they’re funky, and I like the strangeness factor.


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