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Nichole and Brett’s Wedding, Rios-Lovell Estate, Livermore CA

When I arrived at the Rios-Lovell Estate on the morning of Nichole and Brett’s Wedding I kept finding little nooks, crannies, and walls that reminded me of my time traveling in Italy. Everywhere there was vibrant color, beautiful plants, and the light and expansive openness that comes with having an outside ceremony. Shooting at wineries is a thrill for me, and it was a joy to get to spend the day celebrating Brett and Nichole’s wedding in such a beautiful place. Not only was the scenery gorgeous, but the sheer amount of love and joy expressed between Brett and Nichole, their family, and friends all was really emotional for me. Laughter, tears, and a spirit of celebration made this a truly unforgetable day. I love pretty pictures, and Rios-Lovell gave me the opportunity to shoot some favorites, but more than that I love being a part of a wedding where the bride and groom are madly in love. That made this day special for me. I was able to get to know Brett and Nichole a year ago when I shot their engagement session, and I think their love for each other has just continued to grow. They are going to have a beautiful life together surrounded by the love of others and full of continued love for each other. Now on to some pictures…

Let’s make one thing clear from the get-go, Nichole is a stunning bride and looked so beautiful!

One of the things I love is capturing dramatic portraits while the bride is getting ready, here, on the left you can see she’s getting help putting on her necklace, on the right you can see how the way she was holding her arms made a perfect frame for beautiful face and eyes on the left.
Meanwhile, the guys are having their own good time. My friend Chris Shum, who is an amazing award winning photojournalist in his own right was working his own magic with the guys. The two below are his. 
The flower girl was totally cute and stopped running around for one minute to let me get this shot.
The ring-bearer on the other hand looks like he’s still getting used to the idea of wearing a bow-tie…
I really enjoy the anticipation in this next shot by Chris.
Lots of crying and laughing….
Ok, here’s my favorite part of the day… I like a capturing fleeting moments, but there is something about a beautiful portrait that just get’s me so excited… Here’s a few:
I’m totally digging her blue shoes and his converse.
And a few more…. This wall really took my right back to Tuscany.
So many fun wedding details. Candy is always a winner!
As big San Francisco Giants fans (maybe that’s why we’re friends), Brett and Nichole ordered tables according present and former Giants players. 
Chris nailed this shot as Nichole and Brett made their entrance,
And once the toasts began the laughter and tears really kicked into high gear…

And the joyful tears just didn’t stop..
And then the dancing started in earnest. These people can get down!
When I saw this staircase and the wall’s colors and designs earlier in the day I knew I wanted to use it for an image… happily Nichole and Brett didn’t mind taking a minute out of their dancing to give it a shot. I think it was worth it 🙂
Finally they moved outside for some final dancing, and I love what this allowed me to do with the lighting as they danced unaware of everything around them. I got to frame this shot and wait for their kiss… Here it is:
Kris Ramirez Brides Mom)

The pictures are breathtaking!

Just beautiful, you really captured the moments and emotions going on.

Thanks everyone, it was fun to work with you Chris.

Lots of good catch! Love your staircase shot, well done Matthias!

love the couple shots and dancing shots. really skillful play of light and shadows.

Great job! Love how you captured the feel and emotion and romance and fun of the day! Yes! Reminded me of Italy for sure! 🙂

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