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“Only Count the Sunny Hours”, Cindy & George’s Shakespeare Garden Engagement

Today I feel grateful. I received a fantastic thank-you package from a lovely bride of mine from England, had some street tamales outside Trader Joes after a shopping trip, got to work with San Francisco Brides Magazine on an event they’re planning,  and am going to spend the end of the afternoon with one of my best friends in San Francisco hanging out in Dolores Park with a bottle of something hoppy. Life is good. And to make it better I’d like to share a beautiful little engagement session.

Alright, so I’ve been extremely busy the last couple months and I end up blogging a lot less than I shoot. For me my work is all about taking and editing beautiful joyful images and delivering them to my clients in a timely fashion. What this has meant is that I just don’t get to take the time to blog every engagement session and wedding I shoot. My friend CK is telling me that I need to hire some staff, but I’m not quite ready to do that. So for now, that’s just the way it is.

But this blog isn’t about me its about my new friends Cindy and George. The reality is that I can’t help blogging certain shoots because I get so excited about being a part of a couple’s story. I had a pretty good idea when I met up with Cindy and George on a cold San Francisco day in July (yes, it really is cold here sometimes in July) that this was going to be one of those shoots that I was just going to have to blog.  They like to laugh… a lot! And that makes my job a beautiful thing. We decided to start at the San Francisco Shakespeare Garden in Golden Gate Park. When we got there a wedding was just finishing up, so we hung out a little before we started shooting.  Once we did, the fun didn’t stop.

I love black and white, and I had a tough time not blogging the whole shoot in b/w, but since the colors on this cloudy day were so beautiful I decided to show a mix. I think black and white is a beautiful medium for timeless elegant pictures, I also thing it does a great job of isolating emotion because the viewer can keep from being too distracted by the colors.

If Black and White = Elegance, then Color = Pretty. Now that’s the math I love, and I hope they’re teaching it in schools :).
After the Shakespeare Garden we headed down to the baseball fields across from the Botanical Gardens where the fun continued.
Cindy is going to be a such an elegant bride.
George is pretty much a stud too.
For cuteness…. see below 🙂

Now that you have seen the laughter, the snuggles, and the playfulness of these images, you’ll probably agree with me that George and Cindy have the makings of a both a fun and absolutely beautiful wedding: Genuine sweet love, laughter, and willingness to be a little silly. Did I mention they really like each other?

Cindy H

Thank you Matthias for a wonderful and fun afternoon! The pictures turned out great!

We can’t wait for you to capture our big day! Thank you!

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