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Cindy & George’s SFO Hyatt Wedding, Burlingame CA

On arriving at Cindy’s hotel room last Saturday  morning, I knew two things very quickly. The first being that Cindy was one of the happiest brides I’ve photographed all year, and the second being that there would be no lack of food and fun throughout the day (but with multiple popcorn flavors and a table full of exotic candy at the reception, the kid inside me immediately wanted to skip dinner).  Over the course of my time getting to know George and Cindy I’ve found them to be some of the warmest and generous people I’ve had the pleasure to interact with.  Their joyful spirits made this wedding day a gift to to everyone who attended and a reflection of what will be a beautiful marriage for years to come. 

Cindy’s Audrey Hepburn inspired hair was totally rocking. But in my mind no bride is more beautiful than the truly happy bride, which means Cindy was absolutely gorgeous.
The image below epitomizes for me why when I’m at a wedding I’m “on the clock.” Here, even while everyone else is relaxing waiting for the ceremony to happen, magic is just a shutter click away. 
Laughter and tears, and can I mention that George sang to his bride as part of his vows? I think he brought down the house.
It was a chilly day in December and that meant some cuddling. I love the image below, the way Cindy rests in George’s arms while he warms her up… and they thought I was changing lenses :).
Many thanks to Cindy, George, and their beautiful families. And thanks to the talented Luke Goodman for joining me. Finally, one of my favorites for the day.

Beautiful photos! This is a really great set.

Love these! They look so happy :0)


love love love the silhouettes. Really, I always do, but this set is awesome.

Cindy H

OMG this is so artistic!!! i didn’t think the Hyatt pix could turn out this good and romantic!! good job~

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