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Allison & Matt’s Sonoma Engagement Session

In Sonoma, rain makes the grass grow, mustard flowers bloom, and wine grapes the opportunity to begin their development (the sun is what actually makes them sweet). It also makes my feet wet. Since Matt and Allison were dating while being stationed in Iraq together I had a pretty good idea they weren’t scared of getting wet, but even they surprised me with their willingness to tromp through the mud in their nice clothes. And though it had rained a couple days prior to our shoot we actually thought the sun would be out.  Instead we received a cool overcast day where the pastel colors just popped off the scenery. Since they spend as many weekends up in wine country as their schedule allows, it made sense for us to shoot in a place that was special for their relationship. We began shooting at Gloria Ferrar and then moved over to Sebastiani, before heading back for the final shots with a sweet old truck we happened upon. I think this first image typifies the way I see Matt and Allison’s relationship in the brief time we’ve gotten to know each other. Being with Matt seems to fill Allison with laughter, and between them their is a special closeness that is a joy to see.

At Sebastiani we went into the barrel room for a few images, and I was excited to discover some complex light that allowed us to take this image below. After seeing the image on my LCD screen Matt immediately declared his favorite of the day. I like it too.
On the way out of the Gloria Ferrar winery I noticed this field with a few old rusted out trucks and farm equipment. We decided to head back after some time in the town of Sonoma, and there we caught some of my favorites shots of the afternoon.
After we were through shooting portraits, I couldn’t help staying around just a few minutes longer to shoot the old truck as the last bits of sunlight disappeared.

This couple looks really happy together. I love that you got that to show up in the images. Nice.

Great pics! What really caught my eye initially was the name of your subjects…you must be really popular among the Alison and Matt crowd! 🙂

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