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Paris in December

Been working on some pictures for Heather to put up in our house from our trip in December and I thought I might share some of what I saw while we traipsed through the city last month. All shot with my nifty 50mm 1.4 lens. Enjoy.

I love that these were all taken with your nifty 50. I am going back home to England in April and have been thinking I need to buy a wide angle lens for great urban landscape shots. Now I think… maybe not. These are amazing. Just found your site and love your style.

J’adore Paris! I like the B+W duo; they really evoke the nightlife.


Matthias – fantastic pictures! Thank you for sharing them. I really like your work. I’m a fan of your photography. Lucky people who have you as their photographer. That last photo especially is one of my favorites.

These are fantastic! nice job 😉

Wow! These are amazing photos, especially that first one… breathtaking!

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