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Jess and Tom’s Engagement Session, Los Altos CA

It’s funny how things fall together sometimes. The day we shot Tom and Jess’s engagement session was one of those days. While we had e-mailed back and forth about stylizing their shoot, nothing seemed to pop out at us, so we figured we’d keep it uncluttered and just spend the afternoon hanging around in Los Altos and see what we found. One of the beautiful things about Tom and Jess’s story is that they have known each other since they were kids.  Growing up with someone, you don’t necessarily plan on marrying them, right? And they didn’t either. But then something changed for Tom, and he realized that Jess would one day be his bride. She didn’t catch on immediately, but after a couple double-takes here they are.  And a more perfect couple I have not met.

So back to the afternoon… What better way to spend our session than shooting where they hung out as kids! We walked around the downtown, played in the creek where they hung out as tykes, and then ended up in an open field with a beautiful oak tree as a backdrop. What can I say, it was meant to be.

Jess is going to be an absolutely gorgeous bride, I can’t wait to photograph her in a wedding dress!
There were some parts of me that really wanted to post this entire session in black and white. Above and below are some of my favorites.

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