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Nisha & Nikhil’s Palm Event Center Wedding, Pleasonton CA

After meeting Nisha and Nikhil through clients who became friends, Tania and Uday, we had a blast at their engagement session and I knew that their wedding at the Palm Event Center would be both beautiful and a ton of fun. As the wedding reception opened Nisha’s siblings took a moment to gather their families and thank their parents for their love and support. It’s not often that people take time in the midst of a wedding to honor their parents as they did, and it was a highlight for me to behold. It epitomized the care and love that so richly filled the air through the wedding day. It was obvious to everyone that both Nisha and Nikhil hold each of their parents in highest esteem, and on this day it was a celebration for them as well as they could see their kids all grown up and say once more, “well done, we’re proud of you.” From start to finish this wedding was a blast for me and Josh to be a part of.

Colorful, happy, beautiful moments. Great job!

awesome wedding


Thanks again Matthias! We are so fortunate to have been able to share our wedding day with you:) Once again, your talent amazes me! Thanks for giving us these beautiful memories that we will always have with us.


Beautiful wedding, beautiful pictures! Great seeing you again!

Thanks guys, yes, I love the color of South-Asian weddings!

Love it!

love your use of color!

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