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Gillian & Fabrizio’s Santa Clara Mission Wedding, Santa Clara CA

Arriving at Gillian and Fabrizio’s wedding was like showing up to spend the day hanging out with two friends I hadn’t seen for a while. Ever since we first hung out I knew we would have a blast together. It’s hard to explain in words how much fun it was to be at their wedding. What I can say is that their wedding was held on my birthday, and I can honestly say I couldn’t think of a better way to spend the day. In fact, I told my wife this the night before the wedding. I loved that every few minutes was punctuated by a heartfelt laugh. I loved the relaxed nature of the day and the joy of friends and family. I loved that Fabrizio had a grin on his face that stretched a mile. I loved that Gillian freed her inner supermodel and allowed me to take some of the most gorgeous bridal portraits of my career. I loved the flowers, the architecture, and the meaningfulness of the Santa Clara Mission, on the campus of Santa Clara University where Fabrizio and Gillian fell in love. I loved Gillian’s attention to details. I loved the Italian music that filled the reception hall. And now I love that I get to share just a few of the hundreds of gorgeous images I have from their wedding.

Thanks to the ever talented Josh Gruetzmacher for coming along for the day and shooting the lights out. Among others, this last image is his.

Refined wedding photographs!

Susan de Christofaro

Dear Fabrizio and Gillian: What a grand time I had at your wedding. I never danced so much in my life! It was the wedding of the century. Thank you for including me in your special day. Love always, Susan

Duuuude, the first photo is awesome! Actually, I love them all. Thanks for bringing me long, it was a really fun day 🙂

Elizabeth Bamattre

…….You captured the essence and pure magic of this day and of this couple so beautifully.

so dreamy and beautiful

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