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Rachel and Greg’s Wedding, Chicago IL

For me, Greg and Rachel’s wedding felt like home-coming. After leaving the Chicago area post-college six years ago, it’s been a desire of mine to return to shoot a wedding for a while now. And this was as perfect as I could have hoped. When Greg called me up and asked if I’d want to be a part of his wedding I was thrilled. Not only would some of my best friends be his groomsmen but the whole weekend was set to be a blast. He was on my freshman hall 11 years ago, and Rachel and I shared a lot of mutual friends (one of her bridesmaids traveled Europe with me one summer back in our golden youth). The vision behind their wedding was hyper-local, to have everything in their neighborhood. I walked from where the guys were getting ready to Rachel’s, we walked over to the Church, and then everyone in attendance walked from the church to the reception hall in one giant accordion-lead parade. Awesome. I love you Chicago.

Gratitude and peace to all who made this a perfect weekend, and a perfect wedding day.

this is how you do a first dance….

R Steiny

I’ll bet I know what’s really happening in the ironing picture… Mitch is going “no, no you need to fold it like this. Um… OK”.

The pictures tell it all!!!! What a great wedding, day, and couple. Love mom:)

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