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Terri & Dan’s San Francisco Wedding

One of the things that has struck me over the course of the last five years that I have been a full time wedding photographer is that what makes people beautiful is their emotions. Joy and laughter on someone’s face makes me love an image much more than chiseled jaw lines, pretty curves, or a complex pose. There is a certain type of beauty that appears in an image because of the moment that it captures in someone’s life. ¬†You can’t create this by losing weight, buying an elegant dress, or creating the perfect schedule. And while Terri and Dan are definitely elegant people, it is the joy they have that drew me to this wedding and made it a pleasure to be a part of from start to finish. I don’t think in the entire set of over a thousand pictures I edited, there is a single one of Terri when she isn’t grinning ear to ear, or of Dan when he doesn’t have a grin on his face. I love that the wedding ceremony and a lot of the portraits we took together were just blocks from their house in San Francisco. Of course having a gorgeous reception in the redwoods at the Mountain Terrace was pretty sweet too, and reminds me of how from San Francisco you can go to the beach, the mountains, the redwoods, or wine country, or skiing all within a couple hours. I wish these guys would marry each other again next year and I could come hang out with them and their friends and family again.

Special thanks to Amy Tam, who orchestrated a perfect day. She makes my job that much easier, making sure everything looks perfect, everyone is happy, and we never run out of time for something important. Kudos friend!

Helen Pagano

I can’t wait to see the rest of the pics, because these that you shared are outstanding!!!!!! My husband and I both thought that every part of the wedding festivities were very special because both Terri and Dan seemed radiantly happy, and reading your comments about them touched us in a very special way. Someone else saw and felt what we saw. We’re so looing forward to seeing all of your “masterpieces”. Merry Christmas.

Helen Pagano (Terri’s mom)

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