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Magazine style wedding albums and printed books allow a couple to maximize the display of their images. There is something wonderous about having a coffee table album containing the story of your wedding to show your family and friends, and to return to year after year together. If you choose to have an album designed with Matthias, you experience the photographs at their finest. The final digital images delivered to a couple are ready to print, but if you have Matthias’ design you a book they will be specifically re-edited for the book style you have requested.  For example if you want a page of black and white pictures, and want to include an image that was originally edited in color, he will rework the image from the RAW file to provide you with the most cohesive montage.  Instead of outsourcing the design, Matthias designs all his wedding books “in-house” which ensures continuity of creative vision from the moment the shutter clicks to when you open your book together. His personal design also streamlines the implementation of any changes you may request to the primary draft.

There are several creative ways to utilize albums beyond the classic final wedding book. Some couples choose to use their engagement session as material for a personal guestbook. With images of the engagement session, and plenty of white space around the pictures, these books can be filled on the wedding day with the signatures and well-wishes of friends and family to create a truly unique story that will be cherished for years to come . Matthias also enjoys designing magazine style books for family portraits, children’s photosessions, and bridal sessions.

Matthias currently utilizes the services of several professional wedding album printers spanning the United States, Japan and Italy. One of his personal favorite printing houses is Asukabook, which pioneered the modern magazine style book and is now largely considered in the wedding industry as the premier wedding album printer.

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