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Shannon and Justin’s Pierce Point Ranch Engagement Session, Point Reyes CA

It was a real treasure hunt for Shannon, Justin, and myself to find the location of this shoot. We wanted a space with a rustic barn, close to the ocean, and had a classic vintage feel. Somewhere we could set up for a few hours in magical light without breaking too many laws or getting shot by a farmer was preferable. The historic Pierce Point Ranch in the Point Reyes National Seashore may have been a bit of a drive for everyone, but it turned out to be exactly what we were looking for. A fedora, flowers, a blue bike, and some classic Pepsi completed the feel, but what really made the shoot a pleasure for me was the fun we could have getting to know each other a bit more and seeing Justin and Shannon enjoy just being together. Oh… we also got to shoot by the light of a full moon. Nice.  

Thanks to my buddies Eric and Josh for help finding this place. You guys are the bestest.

Shereena & James Wente Vineyards Destination Wedding, Livermore CA

Shereena and James traveled all the way from England, “across the pond” to be married in the heart of California wine country. Their friends came from far and near- around the world, and just across the bay. As world travelers it seems like making the decision to get married in wine country was easy. It fit their relationship and their personalities perfectly. Artsy, boutique, and gorgeous in every way the place is magical. The food and wine at Wente is hard to be beat, and the view isn’t too shabby either. From the moment I stepped on the property of  Wente I knew this was going to be a fantastic day, the grass on the ground, breeze in the air and the sunshine falling from the sky were together all saying in chorus “everything is as it should be, Shereena and James will be wed today!” It’s been my pleasure to become friends with this bride and groom, and it is my great joy to share a few images today…

Yeah man! I like all of it. The first one in the trolley car is super cute 🙂

You made Wente look super unique, I barely recognized it! Nice to see it in a diff perspective :):).

Shereena Delaney

Thank you, thank you for taking such amazing pictures at our wedding. It was such a pleasure to work with someone who loves the art so much and made it so fun on the day. I didn’t even notice you were there on the photobooth shot, you must have had your camera in stealth mode!! and that is a sign of a great photographer when you they take great shots but you don’t even notice they are there. Thank you again for making such wonderful memories of our special day – lots of love the new Mr and Mrs Delaney xxx

Shelley and Paiman’s Engagement Session, Hakone Gardens, Saratoga CA

Sometimes things just fall together perfectly. I feel like for me that happens more often than not, and I live a life that gives me lots of reason for gratitude. With Shelley and Paiman we had to reschedule a few times, as we figured out a time when Paiman could fly out from his work in Austin. But we never bargained for a day like this.  The sun covered the Saratoga countryside like a warm gloss of happiness. We began at Hakone Gardens and then went to do some wine tasting before we finished shooting at the lovely Savannah Chanelle winery. I think we enjoyed every minute, and I think you’ll agree, the pictures show it. I can’t wait for the wedding!