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Allison & Lawson’s Wedding, Valley Presbyterian Church, Portola Valley and Palo Alto CA

I’m really fond of these first two images. One of the things I’ve been challenging myself to do more is shoot more wide images. I’ve found that I love my 85mm lens so much that its easy to just see the world in terms of its frame. These days I’ve been shooting with my 50mm (above) and 35mm (below) much more and have been having a ton of fun with it. I also like mirrors…

I love this next one Josh shot. It’s one of those in-between moments, where everything falls into place in a frame in an unexpected way. There’s something about the way Lawson’s tie is not yet straightened out and his coat is one the chair behind him that I really dig.
How many bridesmaids, friends, and moms does it take to figure out the magical mysteries of wedding gown trains? We’ll never know but I’m happy to report we had enough.
Josh’s shot below.
Josh’s shot below.

Wedding Coordinator:  The fantastic Amy Tam, Amy’s Wedding Events
Make-up and Hair: Imagi by Fiona
DJServices: M1DJ’s
Limousine Service: Lone Star Limousine

Amazing as usual! I love all your outdoor images; you really know how to find the “sweet light” 🙂 The last 2 are my favorite!

Awesome works guys – Matthias and Josh!! I love love love how the photos came out!! And it was a great pleasure working with both of you! =)

This wedding came out SO good! As always, it’s a pleasure to shoot with you Matthias! Congratulations to Allison and Lawson 🙂 Your wedding was amazing.

Elise & Patrick’s Wedding, Olowalu Plantation House, Maui HI

It’s hard for me to describe how much this day meant. Elise is the kind of person who you can’t help but smile around. She’s kind, gentle, affirming, full of laughter, and doesn’t seem to ever stop smiling. She constantly makes everyone around her feel like the most important person she has talked to that day. Even on the morning of her wedding day she was constantly walking around the Olowalu Plantation House to see whose glass needed to be filled with more bubbly, or if she could help with anything. She’s got grace. She is literally bursting with happiness. Patrick carries himself with a sense of calm and direction. It’s obvious that he adores Elise. I don’t think they took their eyes off each other from the moment they saw each other. I could wake up every morning to shoot a wedding as lovely and full of joy as theirs.

I had the privilege of having my friend Stephen Hughes along for the event. I owe him thanks for holding the light to make this first image possible, and much gratitude for his excellent photography throughout the day. Thanks also to my lovely wife and Steve’s wife Brianna who made the journey across the pacific a really fun time. Much gratitude to all. Mahalo and Aloha.

Thank you Elise and Patrick for trusting me with your day and for being so open to my ideas and thoughts on how we could shoot.  Thanks for bringing me to Hawaii to celebrate and behold such a magical day. Steve and couldn’t have had more fun and I hope that your wedding images may bring you back again and again to the joy that was your first day of marriage. 

Amazing!! I am so jealous! I love everything about this…my favorites are the holy light coming through the clouds images and the nighttime shot of the reception…this couple was very lucky to have you 🙂


Wow. Seriously- Wow. That last picture is beyond breathtaking.

Great Photos Matthias and Steve. I love all of the good light. It looked like a beautiful wedding!

Paris in December

Been working on some pictures for Heather to put up in our house from our trip in December and I thought I might share some of what I saw while we traipsed through the city last month. All shot with my nifty 50mm 1.4 lens. Enjoy.

I love that these were all taken with your nifty 50. I am going back home to England in April and have been thinking I need to buy a wide angle lens for great urban landscape shots. Now I think… maybe not. These are amazing. Just found your site and love your style.

J’adore Paris! I like the B+W duo; they really evoke the nightlife.


Matthias – fantastic pictures! Thank you for sharing them. I really like your work. I’m a fan of your photography. Lucky people who have you as their photographer. That last photo especially is one of my favorites.

These are fantastic! nice job 😉

Wow! These are amazing photos, especially that first one… breathtaking!