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Josh & Alexis’s Santa Barbara Wedding

As I was preparing this blog post going through Josh and Alexis’s images from Santa Barbara I found myself getting pretty emotional. The reality is that being a part of their wedding was a huge gift for me and I was struck again by the sheer magnitude of what “getting married” really means. On the one side, Josh has been one of the greatest encouragements and advocates of my photography. When I was first considering jumping into the wedding photography world full time, he was extremely generous with his time, talent and wisdom. He allowed me to tag along on his shoots, ask him questions, and critique my images. He offered to let me borrow his (expensive!) lenses and came along to second shoot for me for virtually nothing. He continues to inspire me with the way he sees light and composition, models artistic excellence, and displays business acumen and willingness to learn from others even after he has been in the business for much longer than most photographers I know.

On the other side of my emotional coin, this day wasn’t about photography. This day was about a guy who madly fallen in love with a girl, and together decided that they want to spend the rest of their lives together. About friends, family, community, and maybe more than anything else, about commitment. Laughter, and lots of it, filled the day. As I observed Josh, I was reminded of what it was like for me to get married. I remembered the jitters, the wide-eyed emotion of seeing my bride for the first time, and the thrill of realizing that everyone around me was celebrating the fact that I had just made the biggest decision of my life.  Josh and Alexis will spend the rest of their lives together. I can’t think of a better “first day of the rest of your life” than this one. Congrats, and love to you both.

Smiles and style. Between the bird-cage veil and the sheer amount of laughter that was running through the room, Alexis had both in bunches.
The bridesmaids were all jumping up and down with excitement as Alexis went to meet Josh for their “first look.”
But they weren’t half excited as these two.
So hot. Rawr.
Like I said, they couldn’t stop laughing…
Not sure which I love more, the bow-tie or the birdcage veil?
I think somewhere between the next two I stopped for a second and was his by the fact that Josh just got hitched!

[…] has become an amazing wedding photographer and a great friend of mine- he also shot MY wedding- so it will be nice for them to have some fun photos finally. […]

Gary Gruetzmacher

I actually never saw this blog post before today! You did a fabulous job in capturing Josh and Alexis’s wedding in pictures. You have a very creative sense but can also think quickly and grab a perfect shot of a fast moving scene like the one of them and all the rose petals in the air. We have a copy of that hanging in our living room and I appreciate it every day. Thanks for your kind words about Josh and your friendship with him and Alexis.. Gary and Diana

Luke Goodman

Solid wedding Matthias! keep it up!


Nice pics homie – saw this on facebook, and
I’m reminded of the times I prayed with Josh,
way back in the day when Reality was a new
church — many blessings on my bro

love the image with the end sign. Profound and funny at the same time. Rest of the images have just gorgeous, gorgeous color.

Lee & Rachel’s Claremont Wedding, Berkeley CA

Last weekend I was given the pleasure of shooting Rachel and Lee’s wedding at the Claremont Hotel and Berkeley. And this is what I saw…

It takes a small army to get wedding day make-up perfect. And they did just that. Thanks to Mei of Tripletwist.
Meanwhile, Lee is in the business of looking studly.
Mark Toung was kind enough to join me for the day. The shot below is his.
The Claremont has a great little path that runs through the woods outside the building. The light here is just magical.
And the light here was pretty slick too.
With a wall of light as the backdrop for the reception I couldn’t but have fun shooting some silhouettes.

Hi Matthias, your photography is truly amazing – you have such a classic, creative style. We can’t wait to work with you again.


Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Love those silhouette shots, especially the toast one. Amazing!

Gillian & Fabrizio’s Tilden Park Engagement, Berkeley CA

Among an array of others, there are two things I was reminded of this weekend about why I love my job. First, I get to make new friends and get to know great couples like Gillian and Fabrizio. Second, more often than not, these couples are amazingly creative and I get to be invited into their creative process. Gillian likes pretty things and it was obvious to me from our first meeting that our aesthetic pretty much lined up perfectly. As she described her wedding, I knew that it was going to be beautiful in just the kind of way I enjoy. In fact their wedding is going to be a perfect way to spend my birthday next August. But if anyone says guys don’t have an eye for detail or aren’t concerned with beauty they’ve never been around guys who love cars. And Fabrizio’s car is gorgeous. Given to him as a gift from his Dad, his 1967 Alfa Romeo Sprint GT, gave us the perfect base upon which to design their engagement session. We chose to shoot in Tilden Park because we felt like the colors in the fall and the rustic feel of the afternoon outdoors would provide a perfect setting. It really couldn’t have been more perfect. Most importantly when you get to beautiful people together who love each other like these two, there really is something magical that happens in their pictures. Observe.

Devyne & Taji’s Wedding, The Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey CA

I had the pleasure of photographing Taji and Devyne’s engagement session a few months ago and we had a blast traipsing around San Francisco. On their wedding day the weather was classic Monterey sunshine. People came from far and wide, for what turned into a huge fun party (at one point I think we had 20 people in Devyne’s hotel room as she was getting ready). No-one wanted to miss anything, and when Devyne put on her dress it took everything the bridesmaids had to hold back their tears. The did, which happily kept everyone’s make-up in tact.  I’m excited to share with you the beauty and joy of the day. Enjoy!

Once Devyne was decked out in her dress we stepped outside her hotel in downtown Monterey and took some portraits. Beautiful dress, beautiful bride.
I love these two in black and white. So simple and full of grace.
The guys on the other hand, couldn’t stop laughing, and this carried right into picture time.
Those tears were bound to come out sometime…
For their formal pictures and reception we moved to went to the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey.
Maybe be favorite shot of the day below, Taji’s contented smile is priceless.
They had one of the more magnificent cakes I’ve ever seen.
One of my other favorite images of the day, Devyne and Taji weren’t the only one that wanted this first slice of cake…
All of a sudden this kid started pulling cartwheels in the middle of the dance floor. Yes!
Devyne definitely gets extra style points for the parasol. Thank you both for allowing me to be a part of such a beautiful day.