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Kristin & Marc’s Avio Vineyards Wedding, Sutter Creek CA

I’m excited to share this wedding with you today. I love shooting vineyard weddings, and I had never been out to Sutter Creek before Kristin and Marc’s wedding. When I arrived at the vineyard I immediately knew two things, 1) that this was going to be a gorgeous wedding with every detail having been thought out, 2) that Kristin & Marc’s friends and family were people that know how to have a good time and were here to celebrate!  Laughter filled the air from the get-go and didn’t stop through the ceremony, toasts, and dancing. I think one of the most significant choices in planning a wedding is choosing the location. It sets the tone for the wedding. In Kristin’s case, she had found Avio Vineyards while her brother was planning his wedding a while back, and secretly hoped that he would choose a different location, so one day she could get married here. Her wish came true, and I just love the subtle and refined old-time ranch feel the of the place.  I hope you enjoy the images as much as I enjoyed shooting them.


I’m such a traditionalist. But this last one may just be an all time favorite… I love the way the light shines down on her dress, they look like they could be in an old movie.

Stephanie & Derrick, Sonoma Destination Wedding

People come from around the world to get married in my proverbial backyard. And I love it. From Baltimore, Stephanie and Derrick thought about either celebrating their intimate wedding either in Barbados or wine country. I, for one, am excited that they chose Sonoma and the fabulous Farmhouse Inn and Restaurant as the perfect place for their destination wedding. Nestled in the Russian River Valley, the Farmhouse staff have mastered the art of designing an intimate wedding. I have had the opportunity to shoot at the Michelin star rated Farmhouse regularly over the course of the last several months, and I have yet to meet a venue staff that does a better job. They take care of every detail a bride can think of, and then several more that she hasn’t, which leaves her beaming throughout her day, and makes my job a wine country breeze. The photographs I took for Stephanie and Derrick are full of laughter, and I easily could have made every picture in this post one of them laughing. But I also wanted to show the intimacy and quiet joy that they carry in each others presence, and of course I love their details. A harp playing while you’re being married under a blue sky surrounded by vineyards in full harvest? Yes please! Enjoy.

Brenda Rouse


Tracy & Charles’ Wedding, Saratoga CA

I have been looking forward to attending my friends Tracy and Charles wedding from the day they were engaged. I feel honored and grateful to have been asked to photograph it, and was lucky enough to have my friend Josh Gruetzmacher along to shoot with me. A few months ago I shot Tracy and Charles’ engagement pictures, and which just confirmed to me what I already knew, that their wedding was going to be a special day. They decided to get married in Tracy’s backyard in Saratoga and the location couldn’t have been more perfect. I love both shooting details and catching the emotions of couples and their families on the wedding day, this event was truly overflowing with both.

I love natural light, and the room Tracy chose to get ready in was full of it!
Below, Josh’s shot of Charles writing some last thoughts before he heads out to be a married man.
For some of the formal pictures we headed over to Hakone Gardens, which was just a few minutes from Tracy’s house.
Bride, groom, family and friends, everyone was holding back tears at the ceremony. 
On our way over the reception we spotted some sweet train tracks and took a few moments to hang out and take some more pictures.
Lots of hugs and laughter came with the toasts, and evidently Charles is still getting used to where that ring is 🙂
Josh’s shot below. Bubbles anyone?

Thank you everyone, it was a joy to be a part of such a beautiful day!


Thank you Matthias (and Josh) for capturing these images and allowing us to relive the happiest day of our lives over and over again.


I love all these photos! Great job capturing the emotions during the wedding – it was a beautiful wedding and now there are great photos to match 🙂

beautiful colors and moments as always! Love the emotions from the reception.

Beth & Matthew’s Outdoor Art Club Wedding, Mill Valley, CA

When I had just begun taking wedding photography seriously as a full time profession I met Beth and Matthew and knew that when they got married I wanted to be there. The weekend finally came, and of course the day was fantastic. This post contains a ton of details, partly because I love them, and partly because they did an incredible job creating this wedding. I think Beth perfected the art of the DIY wedding design, which makes the job of her photographer that much more fun. From the sweet name tags hanging from an iron tree, to the party favors (Nepalese prayer flags that signify the way Matt asked him to marry her on a mountain in Asia), everything was beautiful. Beth wasn’t the only one working hard though, even on the morning of the wedding Matt was at the Outdoor Art Club hanging lights in his tux. The location of the Art Club is only 30 minutes from downtown San Francisco, but it felt a million miles from civilization in the quaint town of Mill Valley, and we had a blast wondering the redwoods before the ceremony. Now, on to some images.

I was privileged to have my talented friend Steven Hughes along for the day. The next two shots are his.
One of the things I always look for on a wedding day is interesting light and texture. An alleyway across the street from the Outdoor Art Club had both.
Then we were of to the woods. Steve’s shot below.

One of my favorite things about wedding is the kids who are there, and the way they find everything interesting. In that regard our jobs are pretty similar. Someone give her a camera.
She’s awfully cute serving her duties as a flower girl too.

It was a blur of fantastic fun…
The wedding (the kiss), the reception, (the honeymoon!), …everything.
Thanks for capturing the essence of love, fun, friendship, and an overall great time Matthias.
And, thanks for being so accommodating.
You and Steve were so much fun to work with, so professional, and so with it!
Our family and friends have been raving about your photos as well as how great you guys were at the wedding.
Hope to hang out again sometime. – Matthew

This wedding looks like it was a lot of fun! Very well captured. 🙂

Wow! I can’t pick out my favorite because I love all of them. Great job! 🙂


Absolutely magical! Thank you for capturing our special day in a thoughtful, beautiful, and glowing perspective. We are so happy you and Steve were there!

love the juxtaposition of layers in your shots. excellent storytelling!

Beautiful photos!