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Charlotte & Shane, Russian River Valley

Charlotte flew in from England the day before the wedding . Both of them have lived across the world and met each other several years ago when Shane was working as a tourguide (I am a little confused if this was in Argentina, Tahoe, or somewhere else… they really are transnational and it was hard to keep up with all the places they have lived). I love their story. In her vows Charlotte said, “I have loved you from the moment I met you,” and I could see in both their eyes that nothing could be more true. Like a good California software engineer, Shane can live and work everywhere and is currently in the process of moving to England to join Charlotte. As for me, I am grateful that of all places in the world they chose to get married right here in wine country, and that I was given the joy of being a part of their beautiful day.

Before we headed to the Russian Hill Winery I had the chance to spend a little while photographing Charlotte. I love everything from her soft simple dress to her gorgeous and beautifully serene, sincere smile.

Sometimes I download the images on to my computer, open them up, and just start smiling. My wife can attest that I didn’t stop smiling all day…
Then, after the ceremony we headed into the vineyards for a little while…
And what’s wine country without a little wine?

What can I say? I feel most grateful. Thanks for letting me join you on this, your beautiful day.

Congratulations on your special day. You both look so happy, beautiful and in love…what stunning photographs that capture the magic of your day. Wishing you love, health and happiness always X

Sarah & Robin Singleton

Many congratulations Charlotte & Shane – we wish you every happiness. We love the photographs of your very special day.

Pamella & Nelson’s Engagement… In Full Black and White

We headed into this engagement shoot with a couple of challenges. Matching everyone’s schedules required that we start a little after 8am and that we shoot for just a little over an hour, rather than two or three. Finally, this morning brought us buckets of rain. Knowing all these factors I wanted to spend time somewhere where we could shoot out of the rain and have some creative settings (ie not just huddling in a door frame with an umbrella the whole time :). I love the way everything turned out, and decided to post this blog edition completely in black and white. One of the things I love about shooting digital is that I can shoot the same image in both color and black and white. While I totally get sucked into soft beautiful colors, I am equally in love with with the nuances and simplicity of B/W. What do you think?

Below, undoubtedly one of my favorite images of the day. I love the way the columns softly frame  Nelson’s profile and lead into Pamela’s beautiful expression.
So sweet, so in love.

The minute I saw this lightpost I knew I wanted to take this picture…

great session Matthias, i feel like I’ve hardly shot a photo engagement this year…all this video!

Vidya & Gouthaman: Beautiful Colorful Indian Wedding!

Last weekend I had the opportunity to photograph my first Indian wedding. From the moment I met the bride and groom I have been excited to be a part of this day. With friends and family flying in from India and around the United States they had a lot on their plate, but I was struck by the grace and composure with which they took on such a huge planning task. This also happened to be my earliest start time ever. I left the house shortly after 4am, but I knew it would be totally worth it.  Since the colors and details are so unique and beautiful I wanted to use this post to highlight them specifically. I have been encouraged by quite a few wedding blogs and my photography friends to highlight the details I shoot more… so here goes!

you photographed the true emotions of the wedding. Great job!

Love all of the colors! Must have been so much fun to shoot. 🙂 My fave is the fourth one – the b&w shot of the top of the bride’s head. Love it!


Matthias, you are just the best! These photos from the Indian Wedding are just insanely beautiful and vibrant. We cannot wait for you to photograph our wedding this August!

Padma Iyenghar


This looks like it was a beautiful event. Great shots Matthias!

Vidya and Goutham

We are so happy to see the pictures. I know we are going to cherish these pictures for all years to come. Thank you for the capturing these moments so beautifully.

Veronica & Aaron’s Destination Engagement Session

Rather than have their engagement images shot in Los Angeles, Veronica and Aaron decided to come up to San Francisco and hit some of the highlights of the city. Ultimately, though we went to Coit Tower, Lombard Street, and Baker beach the real highlight of the shoot was their relationship and the fun that emanates from the two of them. We really hit it off from the get-go and had a little adventure touring the city, chatting, and enjoying what turned into another beautiful day in San Francisco. While shooting and editing this engagement session I felt a lot of gratitude for the life I live. Thanks guys!

Ok… I’ll admit Banana Republic’s current ad campaign totally inspires me… Love those colors!
I love Veronica’s sundress, and the way she and Aaron coordinated their outfits. So cute and stylish!
There’s something about the way they’re holding hands in the above shot that just gives me a little chills and makes me smile every time I look at it.
There may or may not have been just a tad of tresspassing going on…. nobody seemed to mind and we got some really fun shots. San Francisco has such great little buildings.
The shots above and below were on Lombard Street, the curviest street in the city.
I believe in an earlier life Veronica must have been a supermodel. She has one of the most beautiful faces I have ever photographed.
And I’m always a sucker for an interesting silhouette…

Good frames. I especially like the one with her hands on his chest, and the one where they are in the stairway. Nice compositions.