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Cristin & Luke’s San Francisco Engagement

In the words of Will Ferrel’s Buddy the Elf, “smiling is my favorite.” Seriously, hanging with couples like Cristin and Luke is what makes my job a dream. Totally easy going, in love, and up for any sort of adventure they. They didn’t have smiling fatigue, even after almost 3 hours of shooting. They also brought their golden retriever Murphy, who is a star in his own right. He didn’t quite understand that every time I tried to get his attention I wasn’t asking for him to charge me and lick my face. But shoot, he’s just friendly. And excited! While we were going to set-up at the Farmer’s Market on the Embarcadero, none of us realized that it closes on Tuesdays at 2pm. So we had to wing it, and fortuitously the area has quite a few beautiful spots. The sun and the weather also really cooperated and the golden hour before sunset allowed us some absolutely beautiful lighting.

Even in his mellower moments, Murphy wants to be in the middle of things.
Below is my favorite shot of the day, love the light and the authenticity of their joy in each other.
There were moments I didn’t even feel like Luke and Cristin realized I was there. Below is an example. Nothing but the two of them in their thoughts.

Some great shots here. I love the dog laying on the ground looking all crazy at you. Nice work.

Thanks Rosie! I love big dogs… and I’m so glad he came along. Fun couple, fun times!

Really fun session! 🙂 Love the one with the long shadow and ALL the ones with the doggie, especially the 3rd photo – it cracked me up!

Shoot… this is fun :)

So what do wedding photographers do on their days off? We take pictures of course. I find that shooting for fun is one of the best things I can do to stay creative. Spending time with artists and cameras is double inspiring. A little while back I spent a bit of the afternoon with my good friend Josh Gruetzmacher and Gritchelle Fallesgon (trying to navigate our three names is like walking dogs through a minefield, I know).

Gritchelle has a sweet bike. Josh has mad hops.

He also may be related to James Dean… Are you kidding me? Why is he normally the one behind the camera?

Gritchelle’s bike is so hot! nice shots.

The jumping bicycle shot and last one are superB! Great work with light.


San Geronimo, the Bridge, & Wine Country. Weekend in Review

While most of my weekends I’m shooting for work, this past few days has been full with other fun. Saturday I was invited to the San Geronimo Golf Course for their Open House. I grabbed a camera as I walked out the door, but didn’t realize that it didn’t have a memory card in it. (thus the reason for bridge shots rather than Golf Course love).  The Golf Course is under new management and their staff invested a lot of their time and energy into the event. I also found out that they put me on their new preferred vendors list which is always exciting for me.

So here’s my little plug. If you’re a bride looking for a beautiful location in Marin than I suggest you give it a look. From a photographers point of view I love that you have the redwoods, a little river, and the open scenery of a golf course all right there. The options for creating beautiful images are pretty much endless (yes I’m regretting that memory card now :). The SF Chronicle has also rated this course as the best place to golf for the last 5 years running, which means the place is immaculate. But I think the most important thing when planning a wedding though is to surround yourself with people that are easy to work with and want to make your day a success. Jennifer and Kelly were super-sweet as well as having the organization of this Open House down. It feels like this is turning into a yelp review, but I really just want to say thanks publicly to them for hosting the event. It was great to meet some other photographers, florists, and videographers.

Saturday night Heather’s cousin, Patrick, was in town from the east coast so we went out to shoot the bridge. The first shot is the classic, “yes, I live in San Francisco”. While the second ones are a result of playing around with shooting Patrick’s profile while he was focused on the bridge. I didn’t bring a tripod so those ones’s are a little less sharp.

Finally, an image from yesterday’s trip to Napa. My favorite wine in the world here. Jessup Cellars Cabernet. mmmm…hmmm.

Thanks Patrick, it was really great to have you, and while I don’t think the shots are technically very sound (who shoots a night-scape without a tripod seriously what were we thinking), I had a lot of fun trying to take interesting pictures of you with the bridge as a backdrop.

p cable

I just stumbled upon these now! Your shots came out much better than mine did – ah well 🙂

Philip & Lissa’s Wedding, Hyatt Regency Embarcadero

Last weekend I met with Philip and Lissa to shoot a few hours of their wedding. They wanted to keep their wedding day simple and elegant and did a great job. Originally they were to get married outside, but the rain came pouring in and we needed a back up plan. I often meet with my clients in the Hyatt on the Embarcadero and always think about how sweet it would be to shoot inside. I guess it never hurts to ask, because after talking to a couple of the managers they gave me a green light and we showed up Sunday and took some sweet shots. I enjoy the geometry of the Hyatt building and wanted to emphasize that aspect as well as the cascading lights to highlight the unique beauty of this building. Thanks to Lissa and Philip for trusting me without ever having seen the location on their wedding day.  It was truly a joy to spend time with you on such a special day.

Of camera lighting can be a little tricky and take longer to set-up and move, but I think we pretty much mastered the 5th floor.
We did get a few minutes outside when the rain subsided.
I love the iphone peeking out of the corner on this one… maybe he needs an ipad?

Great work. Real pleasure to look at your photos!


Heck yeah!! These portraits are beautiful. The first one is the bomb. Another happy couple 🙂