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Rachel & Simon’s Wedding, The Oakland Yacht Club

One of the fun things about weddings is that I often get to have a reunion with couples whose engagement session I was able to shoot months ago.  Its like meeting up with friends I haven’t seen for six months. Rachel and Simon’s engagement session was full of laughter and fun times, so I was super excited to get to spend their wedding day with them. Let’s get right to the pictures, they’re so much fun!

I’ve been playing with more off camera flash, I find this one at the salon interesting.

Josh’s shot below. Love the dress reflection.

The detail in Rachel’s dress is truly astounding.
Below is one of my favorites of the day, Simon so full of laughter 20 minutes before he’s a married man.
And the laughter didn’t stop…
Ducks mate for life!

The more nuts they catch the more kids they have!

The Oakland Yacht Club provided a beautiful location for the reception, allowing us to go out on the docks by the Bay. Then one of the yacht owners welcomed Simon and Rachel onto his boat for some pictures.

Josh nailed this one!
DJ Sugarray provided some rockin’ tunes and got the crowd rockin.

Wow! You rocked this wedding! Soooo many amazing shots, it is hard to pick my favorite. I feel like you really caught the love, fun and joy of the day. 🙂

Devyne & Taji’s Engagement, San Francisco Fort Point & Palace of Fine Arts

I love that San Francisco is so full of great places to shoot engagement sessions, and always enjoy having a little more flexible of a schedule than most wedding days. One of the things I love about my life is the opportunity to get to know couples who are totally in love. Devyne and Taji were such a joy to spend time with. I’m more and more convinced that great art and beautiful pictures emerge when two people truly love being together. Everything else just seems to take care of itself. We had to improvise a little because of construction being done around the Palace of Fine Arts but we found some great light anyway and the extra time allowed us to head over to the bridge and spend some time at Fort Point and the surrounding Marina. Love the results!

These first two were taken within 15 seconds of each other. I’m not sure which I love more, the colors of Devyne’s dress, or the simplicity of the black and white and how it emphasizes the tenderness of the moment.
I’m enchanted by the way the flowers in the background mirror Taji and Devyne’s pose. Just what I saw in my mind’s eye!
Light! light! light! Love.
Someone’s looking good! I dig those stylin’ pockets, the house frame, and the GQ expression on Taji’s face.

The first 2 and the 5th one really feel like you sprinkled magic around them. The light and how you caught them – gorgeous! 🙂

Nice pics, Matthias! I definitely vote for the simplicity of the black and whit at the beginning – the hanging branches make for a nice, soft, non-distracting background. Gotta love the shot with the blown out sun behind them, too.

Beautiful shots! I like the larger image size too. Good stuff 🙂

Andreas & Amanda, Nestldown, Los Gatos CA

One of the things I love most about being a wedding photographer is getting to work alongside and with some beautiful and talented people. Josh Gruetzmacher came along with me on this wedding and was a huge help, both in organizing pictures in a very small amount of time and in nailing some fantastic shots. Amanda and Andreas were the really gorgeous people at this wedding, and they along with the staff of Nestldown. I love that they had presents for each other while they were getting ready, and that they were so in overflowing with excitement for each other from the moment they set their eyes on each other.  Amanda was truly stunning (see below!), and Andreas carried himself with true class. I know this is a long post. I had a real tough time cutting down the pictures, and I don’t think you’ll mind.

What a great dress, and styling shoes. Love it!
Nothing like pbj and a Modelo to get Andreas in the marriage mood.
Are you allowed to look this good? Wowzers!

Love this car shot Josh took.

We didn’t have a ton of time to take couple’s portraits after the wedding. We maximized what we had and took advantage of the afternoon’s fading soft light.

For this bench shot I had a vision and Andreas and Amanda pulled it off like they were born for this moment!
Thanks for making it through!

Sonal Pereira


I came across your review of Nestldown on Yelp… intrigued by your descriptions I clicked on to browse through your web blog. Absolutely LOVE the pictures from this particular wedding, especially because the couple chose a number of black & white themed items for their wedding that we are thinking for our upcoming event. Ofcourse your photographic skills brought it all to life amazingly!

I would love to keep in touch and perhaps discuss the possibility of having you as our wedding Photographer. Our wedding isn’t until May 2011, but I’m starting my research now.


Gorgeous. I felt I was there. Stunning! B&G must be extremely happy!

Stephanie + Greg’s Wedding Farmhouse Inn, Forestville CA

From the moment Stephanie contacted me to see if I was available for her wedding day I knew that it was going to be a wonderful wedding. Rather than host a giant party in their hometown of Bozeman Montana, they elected to bring their closest friends and family for an intimate destination wedding and vacation in California’s wine country. Spring time had brought the mustard flowers to full bloom, so it was fitting that Stephanie would base the colors of the wedding on mustard yellow. She’s a florist by trade and thus designed all the flower arrangements, boutonnières,  and corsages herself.  As I had expected the wedding day was laid back and gorgeous. The staff at the Farmhouse Inn were amazingly accommodating made everything flow seamlessly. The event truly was about Stephanie and Greg, and their closest family.  The rain held off and allowed us to get some great shots outside. A feel like this post is a great way to open up my new blog. I’m also excited to have it featured on the Bird In A Cage wedding style blog.