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Gwendolyn & Irving

The weekend we shot Irving and Gwendolyn’s engagement pictures came with some fantastic weather.  October and November are such great times to live in San Francisco.  I really enjoyed the playfulness that Irving came into the shoot with, and the way Gwendolyn responded to his banter. After we spent some time up at the Legion of Honor we were going to shoot on the Land’s End bluffs, but the evening was getting a little chilly, so we headed down to Baker Beach to catch what was left of the sunshine.



Is the ocean our friend… is it just out to get us wet?


Uday & Tania photoshoot

One of the things I like to do is mix-up the classic couple’s shoot with a litte bit of a date. As with everything I shoot, I hope that each session’s pictures reflect the joy of the relationship it documents. It’s also fun when couples who have been committed to each other for a while still take time out to date each other. Uday and Tania totally rock this and we ended up hanging at one of their favorite wine bars. After shooting a bit down by the Ferry Building we arrived at Chaya before they opened. They graciously let us shoot while they were setting up for the evening, and even gave us some free drinks! Thanks to everyone at Chaya and thanks to Uday and Tania for a great afternoon. 







We had a great time at this shoot and are really hoping you’ll be able to shoot our wedding!


I heard this week that I have been asked to join Photographik, a self-described “elite photographers network.”  Unlike most associations, who are happy to let you join if you’re willing to pay their fees, Photographik actually hand picks the photographers. The staff thoroughly reviews each photographer’s website and portfolio before asking them to join. They say, “Membership is exclusive and granted only to those photographers who demonstrate excellence in the fields of wedding and portrait photography.”  Currently the San Francisco Bay Area chapter of the site has selected only 16 members. The only other similar association I would currently consider joining is the WPJA which according to my count has  108 photographers listed in Northern California. I’m grateful for this opportunity to network, and be seen alongside other experienced photographers whose packages often start at 3x mine. I only wish Photographik held image contests, but I’m going to what I can do to remedy that.

Hey Matthias! That’s something cool to be thankful for. Congratulations! And keep up the great work.
Love you

Peter & Grace’s Wedding

Although I shot Peter and Grace’s weddding a little while back I haven’t made the time to post their pictures to a blog. Now with the new blog, I thought it was about time to put these out here. The bridal party got ready at the Beach House in Half Moon Bay and then drove to a secluded state park for the wedding ceremony. The park prohibited amplified music, which lead them to have a sweet accoustic band, and set up the dance floor under the trees. Epic! From start to finish this was such a fun wedding for everyone, and I love that Peter and Grace were so excited about taking some time after all the festivities were over in the afternoon to shoot a set down in the woods by the creek just north of Half Moon Bay. You can see more of their pictures on my website or see a full gallery as a slideshow here



Thanks to Josh Gruetzmacher for letting me snag his 85mm f1.2 for this final killer shot.