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Jess & Sam’s Engagement Session, Pismo Beach CA

I drove down from San Francisco, and Jess and Sam drove in from Vegas to meet on the beach where Jess grew up. I always love shooting somewhere new and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the quirky and spontaneous side of these two. Every minute was a new adventure, and as we trekked around the area I learned a lot about how much of a party their wedding is going to be. I couldn’t help but include a few of the goofy shots at the end of the post. Now, I’m fully prepped for a rockin good time!  Oh, and how perfect was it that we found the sun just in time for us to have a fantastic time shooting as it set. 

Alina and Eric’s Helwig Winery Wedding, Plymouth CA

It is with an exorbitant amount of pleasure that I share this wedding today. I’ve been a little lax in blogging so far this year, but I couldn’t help making this post a little longer than usual. I love wine country, I love being a wedding photographer in wine country, and Helwig Winery is a gem in the midst of Amador county! From across the country Alina planned the perfect wedding and guest after guest remarked to me how much fun they were having and how perfect everything was. And from the moment I arrived to shoot the ladies getting ready I saw the smile on Alina’s face,  expressing the joy that filled her heart, and filled the day with beauty and laughter. Surrounded by the rolling hills of vineyards this couple, truly perfectly matched, committed to each other for life.

On a personal note, there is no-one I enjoy working with on a wedding day more than Ann, of Lux Premier Events, who is tireless in her ambition to coordinate weddings that perfectly fit the desires and vision of her wedding couples. In my experience, some people will go the extra mile with a smile on their face, but Ann and her staff go the extra marathon. Maybe that sounds a little cheesy, but its true. Really. While planning from DC, Alina explicitly and implicitly trusted Ann to bring the wedding to life, and was able to enjoy her day to the fullest because Ann took care of it like she was coordinating a sister’s wedding. I strongly believe that weddings are a collaboration, and I love having Ann on my team. She makes my life easy, allows me to do my best work, and does the same for every other vendor too. All this while her main focus is bringing joy to the couple.  I also overheard guest after guest speak about how impressed they were by the whole event. Thanks for rocking it again Ann!


She’s gorgeous. What a lovely day!

Josh G

Beautiful work Matthias!

Bridget & JP’s VML Winery Wedding, Sonoma CA

These two traveled across the country to celebrate marriage in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Sonoma wine country of course, did not disappoint. They stayed in one of the true gems of the Russian River, the Farmhouse Inn and Restaurant whose amazing staff coordinated the weekend. Amidst the vineyards, in the candy light from the setting sun, they were wed. Happiness, smiles, and laughter filled the air. This is why I love weddings! VML Winery‘s beautiful grounds made for the perfect setting for their relaxed ceremony and I am so grateful for the chance to photograph such a wonderful afternoon. 

Ellen & Colin’s San Francisco Engagement Session

It took me about two minutes to realize Ellen and Colin’s engagement session was going to be one of the highlights of my week. The energy between them made my job as a photographer as easy as it ever gets. All I had to do was find the light, compose, and… BAM. Another image full of joy and laughter just hit my camera. I love it.  Engagement sessions are always a little more fun when a couple chooses a location that is meaningful to them. We shot around their neighborhood, stopped by one of their favorite French bistro’s where they were celebrated with complimentary champagne (thanks Chez Maman!) and spent some time in Golden Gate Park- where they first met. I hope the sweetness of these two, and the fun we had together is reflected in these images. This is why I love what I do. If it hadn’t turned into a freezing day (funny how San Francisco manages turn turn every day into a cold evening) I could have kept shooting through the night.


Matthias, I can’t thank you enough for doing what you do so well. The whole day seemed like a dream, and your relaxed approach made it easy for us to be ourselves. These pictures are beautiful, and they bring tears to my eyes. You did an awesome job, and I can harldy wait to see the rest of the photos. Thank you!

Such a beautiful shoot Matthias. If I were that couple I’d have been really happy with my photos. Cute couple as well.