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Lindsey & Alex, Quivira Winery, Healdsburg CA

I love spending the day shooting winery weddings in Sonoma. Lindsey and Alex put together a beautiful, relaxed, and elegant wedding that celebrated them and their families perfectly. Lindsey’s easy grace, and Alex’s dry sense of humor- coupled with both their talents in planning and organization made this day as smooth as butter, and as fun as a walk in the vineyards with a glass of wine… which I guess it was. As I walked around the outdoor dinner following the ceremony, everywhere I looked people were laughing and enjoying themselves. Every single face was lit with happiness and I had a little out of body experience seeing each and every guest’s face lit up with joy. What a pleasure to be invited along. Thanks guys!

My gratitude goes to Marisa at So Eventful and Jana of  Quivira Vineyards for doing such an extraordinary job organizing, running, and hosting such a beautiful event. Thank you!

Melissa & Reggie’s Wedding at The Bridges, San Ramon CA

Any reception that begins with a couple of Kanye songs is going to be awesome. Melissa and Reggie’s did, and the dance floor exploded. I couldn’t help but share a bunch of the fun at the end of this post. But that was just the ending to a fabulous day. Melissa and Reggie both looked gorgeous, and had so much fun hanging out with each other and their friends and family from the very start of the moment I arrived to document the day with Scott. From the notes they wrote to each other, to the looks on their faces from the moment they saw each other, to the amount of laughter that filled the air as we shot portraits and through the ceremony and reception. Here’s a little part of the story of a fantastic day with two very special people.

Jason Searby

These look great! I can’t wait to see the rest.

Hi Matthias! Great work as usual :0). I don’t know if you remember, but I went up to Napa once with you to assist for an elopement about two years ago. A lot has changed since then! I ended up dropping everything and pursuing wedding photography as a career, and it’s been an incredible adventure.

Just wanted to drop in and say hey, and thanks again for taking me along that time even though I was such a newbie :0).

Best of luck!

Shereen & Matthew’s Capilano Suspension Bridge Wedding, Vancouver Canada

World of Warcraft, Star Wars, and a suspension bridge higher than the Statue of Liberty. Yes, only in Canada, and only with Shereen and Matthew. When Shereen and Matthew asked me to come up to Vancouver for their wedding I had no idea how unique the design of the event would be.  Light-saber cupakes and a Star Wars Cake, seating charts based on the land of World of Warcraft? I couldn’t have visualized in my mind how blending burlap and vintage wood design with post-present computer worlds and sci-fi could meld into an absolute perfect day that celebrated the rich love that has grown between two supreme nerds and their wonderful families. But Lily and I found that here in Canada they do such things, as with a lot of things, very, very well. I’ll shoot a destination wedding like this any day. Thank you Shereen and Matthew. Thank you Canada.

pretty sweet first dance below… and did I mention? I could have kept shooting on that magical bridge forever


Wow! These photos are absolutely breath-taking! What a marvellous job you have done, Matthias!

It was wonderful to work with you. It was one of the hottest days of the year, and you were a cool, cool professional.

michelle giroux

Wow!!! How beautiful! Thanks for sharing this special day. Happiness and love always to a wonderful couple.
Michelle xoxo


Beautiful pictures, wish you guys a life full of love, joy, laughter and unforgettable moments.

Hayat Qumsieh

These are the most beautiful pictures ever, you are the best thank you!

I’m so glad you’re enjoying them Shereen, it was a joy to celebrate with you and Matthew. Lily, you’re the bomb-diggity, thanks for coming along and shooting with me.

I love it! Great set of photos to summarize the wedding. It was truly a fun fun wedding to be at.


amazing! breathtaking, thank you so much Matthias for coming to Vancouver and shooting our wedding. these pictures are fantastic and we couldn’t have hoped for a better day. can’t wait to see them all!